Virtuvės mitų griovėjai

Virtuvės mitų griovėjai (VMG) – a creative company, whose main activities are: food advertising and communication; advertising (food, interior, beauty, and other products); food design; publishing; creating recipes; organizing personal and business events.

VMG was the first company in the Baltics to create food advertising agency. Its clients are the biggest companies in the Baltics, creating their restaurants’ and cafes’ menu; searching for innovative solutions to create the image of their products and brands; implementing their communication in social media and other media channels.

VMG solutions of food design were evaluated world wide. Its ‘VMG’ culinary magazine was nominated as one of the TOP3 best magazines in the world of the past 20 years by ‘World Gourmand Cookbook Awards’.

You can see our projects on the biggest Lithuanian websites, radio and TV channels.


VMG owns: – the first and only specialized website of food news for everyone interested in gastronomy news and recipes. Here you will find detailed information on Lithuanian restaurants culture, products, latest gastronomic trends, various opinions from famous chefs and celebrities, texts, some bloggers advice, videos, projects containing special content, the biggest unique database of recipes by VMG, competitions, the search system, information about the newest food places, table decor, cinema, books and other important information. Moreover, on the portal you can find advice from Alfas Ivanauskas, table serving ideas, and the most delicious recipes from his shows.

ALFAS GREAT CULINARY SHOW is the longest and the most popular cycle of cooking shows consisting of 4 weekly programs shown on the Internet, Facebook, and TV. New ways of food preparation, a variety of ideas for your kitchen, exciting and useful conversations with experts. Here you can find advice on how to surprise your loved ones, learn to experiment with different flavours and brighten up your life.
Discover easy and fast recipes that can be mastered by everyone. The shows are hosted by charismatic Alfas Ivanauskas – the host of cooking shows, the author and the producer – who has been cooking on TV kitchens for 10 years.

AŠ IKONA – a project uniting projects for women: publications, events, TV shows and even beauty secrets. Everything you need to make your life more exciting and beautiful. Find answers to your important questions. The most popular project is a talk show hosted by different, but charming and courageous ladies – the creator and the host of TV shows Asta Stašaitytė-Masalskienė; the singer, the designer and the businesswoman Simona Nainė; the singer Nijolė Pareigytė, the host of TV shows and the influencer Indrė Stonkuvienė. Guests of the show are celebrities, as well as experts in their fields – psychologists, coaches, lawyers, nutritionists – striving to help to find solutions to current problems that many people are facing, along with everyday situations.

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Alfred Ivanauskas, the founder of VMG, an ideological leader and a collector of tastes, is now the creator of the cosmetics of the future, who invented the beauty elixir FOOD SHOT, which can be purchased HERE.


In 2014, VMG organized the first ‘Culinary Awards’ in Lithuania, which became a traditional event.

In 2016, the awards became international, connecting Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.



2019 Alfas Ivanauskas initiated the first culinary reading room in the Baltic States at the Martynas Mažvydas National Library of Lithuania and donated his collection of more than 400 culinary books, which is constantly updated every month. In this library space, the VMG team organizes social, culinary and educational events. See the report from the opening of the culinary reading room HERE.