Virtuvės mitų griovėjai

Virtuvės mitų griovėjai (VMG) – a creative company, whose main activities are: food advertising and communication; advertising (food, interior, beauty, and other products); food design; publishing; creating recipes; organizing personal and business events.

VMG was the first company in the Baltics to create food advertising agency. Its clients are the biggest companies in the Baltics, creating their restaurants’ and cafes’ menu; searching for innovative solutions to create the image of their products and brands; implementing their communication in social media and other media channels.

VMG solutions of food design were evaluated world wide. Its ‘VMG’ culinary magazine was nominated as one of the TOP3 best magazines in the world of the past 20 years by ‘World Gourmand Cookbook Awards’.

You can see our projects on the biggest Lithuanian websites, radio and TV channels.


VMG owns gastronomical website: – gastronomic website, including lots of recipes, useful advice, and tasty reportages.

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In 2014, VMG organized the first ‘Culinary Awards’ in Lithuania, which became a traditional event.

In 2016, the awards became international, connecting Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.