Alfas Ivanauskas is the founder and ideological brains behind Lithuanian ‘VMG’ company, the author of 9 culinary books, the host of TV and radio shows, lecturer, and motivator. He created ‘VMG’ culinary magazine, which was a few years in a row awarded the best in the world by ‘World Gourmand Cookbook Awards’.


Since 2011, when the ‘VMG’ project was created, A. Ivanauskas turned it into a company, managing a few dozen of different brands. The biggest of them: ‘VMG’ culinary magazine, awarded the best in the world; VMG dessert show, dictating the holiday trends; lifestyle magazine ‘AŠ Ikona’; culinary magazine ‘Verdu ir kepu’; gastronomy website; ‘VMG Akademija’ leveling-up customer service; social project ‘VMG Mokykla’, creating the modern culinary classes in Lithuanian schools; the guide ‘99 Places of Taste in the Baltics’, uniting the Baltic countries; TV show ‘Culinary Tricks’ – which reached the record of the longest live culinary show in Lithuania.


Alfas Ivanauskas is one of the first visionaires in Lithuanian food design sector. Starting food experiments from the 6 years old, he always searches for the new ideas, how to present the food more creative, but always aesthetic. For example, during his photo shootings the cake can be rolled up to the carpet, and the candies can be put on the nails.


A. Ivanauskas spends more than 150 days traveling and visiting the most interesting gastronomical places. In his opinion, traveling and new people is the biggest inspiration.


Lastly those creative ideas became a food design agency, which includes food communications for the biggest Lithuanian companies. His work as a food stylist is reflected in all culinary publications, published by VMG; on culinary TV shows; on restaurant menus.


From 2006, while working in a field of event organizing, he created many exclusive events: private, unexpected solutions; unique dinners for two; dessert shows for thousands of people. Among his well-known guests is sir Richard Branson. In 2013, VMG created for him a very special Lithuanian dinner.




A. Ivanauskas is the ambassador in Lithuania of the world-famous brands – AEG and NESPRESSO.




In 2017, June 15-16, A. Ivanauskas, for more than twenty-four hours, was presenting a live TV show ‘Culinary Tricks. 24 hours’. This TV show was announced as the longest live TV show in Lithuania, and included in the Lithuania’s book of the records.

‘Culinary Detective’ (TV3)

‘Culinary Tricks’ (TV3)

‘Culinary Tricks: Experiments’ (TV3)

‘Culinary Tricks: Traveling’ (TV3)

‘Culinary Tricks’ (TV3)

‘Around the World with the Celebrity’ (TV3)

‘Racing of Taste’ (TV3)

‘Culinary Trips’ (TV3)

‘VMG Culinary Magazine’ („Lietuvos rytas TV“)

‘Kitchen Myth Busters’ (TV3)


A. Ivanauskas strongly believes that food is not only for eating. It can become the tool for creativity. In 2017, he published the book ‘Play, Cook, Kiss: Culinary Tricks’, which became the first culinary motivational book in the Baltics. The book is dedicated to death, ‘which every day inspires us to love and taste the life.’


In 2018, the book was runner-up in the best books of European TV hosts, awarded by ‘World Gourmand Cookbook Awards’.


A. Ivanauskas is sharing his experience and insights in various different events. He is having lectures for company leaders and for the professionals; inspiring students to follow their dreams. As a lecturer, he is breaking all the stereotypes about how the presentation should look, and promoting not to be afraid to leave your comfort zone. For example, once he took a 20 kilo fish on the stage in front of 7,000 people. Another time, he cut his shirt, just to show that simply there are no ‘lucky shirts’. In 2016, he received lots of attention with his presentation in LOGIN, the biggest exhibition of technologies and innovation in the Baltics, called ‘To Make Lithuania well-known in 7 minutes’.