Order VMG dessert show!

VMG dessert show

Is an alternative to a traditional cake; a great entertainment to celebrate any occasion, for example, an anniversary of a company; Christmas party; an opening of a new office; the end of a conference or seminar; the presentation of a new product or service; congratulating your clients or customers; congratulating your director or your colleagues during the personal celebrations or occasions.
VMG team members with this show travel across Europe.

For business

There is a special option for business events. We can integrate your company‘s logo, name, numbers; we can combine ingredient colours; we can add additional elements.

The performance lasts around 15 minutes. It is done by two VMG team members. In this show, , ideological VMG leader, Alfas Ivanauskas, is available to participate.

The amount of participating people may vary from 5 to 5,000.

The format of the VMG dessert show can be adapted to a team building event, encouraging the participation in dessert making.

Private orders

Participating in the main celebrations of life is an inherent part of VMG dessert team.


Imagine: mango-passion fruit flavored desserts are hiding in the liquid oxygen mist; they are decorated with specially prepared snow made from the milk; fresh and freeze-dried berries; edible moss; gold dust; olive flakes; sparkling caramel; and other unexpected ingredients.


This is not only the midnight entertainment. It can be done for the breakfast, lunch or just a nice surprise, if you want to congratulate your a very important person on a special occasion.